Hello world!


Welcome to my blog! This blog will have photos, videos, my art, reviews, interviews, and anything else I missed.

My goal is to document this year. I love what I do, and am fortunate to be able to do it.


This ice cube of a week.

This week we have had a crazy winter storm. Kids have no school, but can’t go out side with how cold it is. For this reason I’ve been drawing as I’m able this week.

I’ve been wanting to start this blog/podcast/video thing for a while now. I’ve decided This format would be best. I’ll be using my social media to add YouTube videos time to time, and much more. To essentially create a mixed media sketchbook.

Once I realized this is what I was working on putting together. Will I’ve decided to just do it.

This year I’m planning to take action on a lot of things. It’s 2019 and 9 is my lucky number, so if there was anytime to go for it. It’s now.

Thanks for for reading this.

- Anthony Valdez

P.S. Feel free to share, and comment on this post. As well as look around on my website.